Soave, land of history and taste

Soave is a small Medieval village protected by ancient walls with a castle on the top of Monte Tenda, from where it dominates the vast plain below.
But it hasn’t always looks like this: if you had visited Soave 55 million years ago you would have seen an ocean with underwater volcanoes creating the Alps mountain range system.
Thanks to this origin Soave hills are special.

Romans, Suevi, Scaligeri, Venetian and who knows how many other had struggle to keep the control over this outpost. Soave was strategic not only for it’s position but also for the vines that has been planted over the hills since the dawn of time.
The skilful people from Soave learned how to bring out the best from Garganega and Trebbiano grapes, making elegant and unique wines famous all around the world.

Even Dante Alighieri who, according to the legend, was hosted in Soave during the exile, appreciated the wine. And the name of Soave may possibly come from Dante, who tasted the wine and found it gentle.
Soave wines are so famous that in the movie “La Boum 2” Claude Brasseur (aka Francois Berreton, father of Vic – the main character), although French, orders a bottle of Soave in a restaurant. Incroyable!