About us

Soave with a native born point of view:

Imagine 3 friends who love wine, art, rugby and, sharing the mission of helping Italian companies to be more sustainable for a few years.

Imagine Soave and its Ghibelline walls just next to the vineyards.

Add 4 apartments, rich with history with their entrance opening out the ancient roads: how many stories they could have seen and could relate you!

4 design apartments fortunate also for the beauty that the 3 friends and skilful local craftsmen have created during the recent renovation. Not to mention the technology because after all, we’re in the XXI century!

Last but not least, a glass of good wine, and here the Soave is the must.
And if you need to be guided around the local osterias at aperitive time, just ask: one of the 3 friends will be around for sure.

Come on: come and visit us!

Bed’s Apartments: an Italian experience with a personal touch…